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Translate Nicegram

Nicegram wants to deliver best experience for every user in every language.

Nicegram invites everyone to Translate, Spellcheck and Suggest new translations or languages!

Translate App

Please, Try to look at official translations if you need an inspiration.

Discuss translations in chat if you’re not sure.


Ping @nicegram_official if you’ve done a new translation, so it will be added in the app.

Translate Articles

It’s hard to control translations via or other platforms. So now Nicegram using this website.

Steps to translate:

0) Fork/Download this repo

1) Create new <lang> folder with Translation will be available at<lang>

2) For each article create separated folder. Translation will be available at<lang>/<folder>

3) For referencing other article, use [Text](/<lang>/article)

4) If you’re translating images too, create folder images inside. If not, you can reference original (english) images with string like ../../faq/images/banner.png

5) Recommendation: Try to use local images folder instead of images url, because some hostings can be blocked in your country.

6) Add article links to main page if you’ve done a new translation.

7) Submit a pull-request and ping @nicegram_official

Please, do not translate chats section, just refer to /chats

You can use this folder with Russian translation as example.

Example Pull Request for addding Turkish translation.

Header Anchors (FAQs)

Small python script that will create a header which you can insert in table of contents. (not sure if works for chinese)

Online: (hit Run)


import string

def sanitize(s):
    return "#" + s.lower().translate(str.maketrans('', '', string.punctuation)).replace(' ', '-')

while True:
    st = input('Enter header: ')

Thank you in advance!